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I am Sharen Plumeria, a writer, photographer and enthusiastic participant in life.  

I am currently creating a film about the astounding impact of KINDNESS.  Here is the link: Power of a Ripple 

My goal is to highlight the brighter sides of life and give refuge from the myriad negative we see daily.  

There is plenty of good out there and I can prove it. 

Together we can grow it. 

Open Mind
Open Heart
Unlimited Possibilities

"If you do not strive to achieve your potential, you are cheating yourself and the world of great things that might have been. "

- Sharen Plumeria

​It is satisfying at the end of the day, to say, "Today I walked the walk and didn't just talk the talk".
"Every gift of kindness that I have ever given, has only made me richer."

- Sharen Plumeria

Proven fact, giving to others increases your happiness.  

Here are some books and movies to check out:

Kindness Boomerang
Kindness is Contagious Film


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