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About Sharen Plumeria

Key Philosophies: Share, Try, Do, Repeat! 

Since I was very young, I have practiced kindness in myriad ways. Giving is part of the fiber of my being and I feel like its a counter measure to my flaws.

My Kindness Highlights:
  • Given gallons of blood
  • Quit job and moved across country to care for my ill stepmother and help with my stepbrothers
  • Paid and volunteer firefighter
  • Worked to help Refugees with IRC (International Rescue Committee)
  • Volunteer Driver for SERVE Food Pantry 
  • Women's Center Volunteer
  • Provide Random Acts of Kindness on a regular basis
  • Pay for meals for drivers behind me drive-through restaurants
  • Adopted and rehabilitated a very troubled rescue dog
  • Paid for friend's vet bills
  • Paid for friends and family airfare
  • Donated $$$ to many, many organizations
  • Bought girl scout cookies, even though I don't eat them
  • Always let cars merge in front of me
  • Give $$$ and a smile to homeless man that is always outside of Walmart
  • Pay for strangers pharmacy bill that they could not afford nor understand why it was so high
  • Relocate insects insects, instead of killing them
  • And so on
  • And so on


These are events from which I harvested wisdom.  The kind that can only be found within the experience.

  • Rode Bicycle across United States
  • Certified SCUBA diver at 15 years old and have dove in Hawaii and Great Barrier Reef
  • Photographer since I was a teenager - Capturing the majestic beauty of our planet and its unfathomable amount of connections.
  • Through research and persistence, overcome recurring lower back issues and a chronic fatigue problem
  • Embraced the trials and triumphs of motherhood 
  • Sailed the Galapagos Islands meeting penguins, orca and iguanas
  • Volunteer Editor for non-profit
  • Hiked and Backpacked many miles of wilderness where I encountered bear, bobcat, bighorn and more.

I wallow in gratitude every day for all of my blessings.  My life is so good, I am able to give completely, knowing that no matter what I have, I have enough to share.

Very Sincerely and Honestly Yours,

Sharen Plumeria ;o)

Every morning you wake up, you have a choice to decide who you want to be.  The only difference between you and your heroes, is action and persistence.